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How to Create the Master Bedroom of Your Dreams (on a Budget)

How to Create the Master Bedroom of Your Dreams (on a Budget)

I know I can't be the only person who takes FOREVER to decorate their master bedroom, can I? Ours has been in a perpetual stage of partial completeness for 5 (FIVE!) years now. Ugh. Partly it's because I just have trouble with the space, partly it's because there are still unpainted walls elsewhere so I feel like that's where I should spend my time. Anywhoo, I was browsing on Target's website and found some really cute sage and pink cactus prints. This got me daydreaming of a master bedroom retreat. Think my husband will notice if I bring some more millennial pink into the house?

Blush and Sage Master Retreat.jpg

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It's an Affordable Master Bedroom Design, I promise!

Now you may be looking at this giant page full of items and wondering how on earth I could claim this as an affordable make-over, but I added it up, and all in (including duplicates of things you'll need two of like nightstands, table lamps, and bath towels) this room make-over comes in under $2,500. Now that's not peanuts, but it includes a dresser, a headboard, and a laundry chair (I mean beautiful chair for a reading nook) too.

Where did you get that? (AKA All the sources.)

Pink Shelf * Duvet Cover * Pink Clock * Grey Knit Pillow * Smoke Green Side Table * Seafoam Wingback Chair * Brass Round Mirror * Sleek Silver Pillowcases * Mint Ash Cotton BlanketTexture Colorblock Pillow * Blush Pleated PillowFramed Cactus Prints * White Tassel Curtains * Textured White Towels * Pink Waffle Throw * Wood Tray * Blush Tufted Headboard * Pond Green Sheets * Lightning & Karat Gold Wallpaper * Wicker Wall Decor * Brass Tripod Floor Lamp * Textured Table Lamp * Organic Cotton Sheets Magnolia Paint Ella Rose (Pink) * Magnolia Paint Emmie's Room (Green) * Magnolia Paint Gatherings (Greige) * Woven Basket * Seagrass Rug * 6-Drawer Siegel Dresser * (Affiliate Links)

Pick your wall color with this in mind!

Don't you just want to dive into this bed? I think the room would look especially gorgeous painted in a soft dusty rose so that the headboard and wall are tone-on-tone. We have sand colored walls and a headboard that's only about 2 shades darker in our master and it looks so luxurious! However, if your room gets lots of direct light, go with the Green or Greige paint to balance out the warm hues. A room that gets lots of warm light, painted in a warm color, can be oppressive. If your room faces north, or you get very little light, go for the pink though, FOR SURE!

Blush and Sage Master Retreat - Bed.jpg

It's all about the texture.

This room is all about textures. The colors are all very tone on tone to keep it relaxing, so texture is critical to add depth and richness. I also feel pretty strongly that the wood tones are needed to bring in some much needed earth tones. You only need a little bit - the frames on the prints, a beautiful tray on the nightstand, and if you can swing it a wood dresser. The rattan wall hangings, and the brass accents will build on natural element and provide a contrast to all the soft pink we've added.

Blush and Sage Master Retreat - Dresser.jpg

Do you have a favorite piece of this collection? I have that brass mirror in our bedroom and it looks so much more expensive than $50! I think I may want to switch out the very simple Ikea standing lamp for the tripod brass one - it  makes such a great statement!

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